Whether you are a casual wine drinker or an expert, you’ll enjoy Balić's wines.  We have been making them since 1966. We have an excellent selection to include different styles and in doing so, provide a Balic wine for every occasion.

We offer you a choice from dry to sweet using the best grapes and fruits found anywhere. Each and all of our wines reflect our simple philosophy of quality and enjoyment.

You can drink our wines immediately or you can cellar them for that special occasion. Our master winemaker to satisfy the most discriminating palate with their unique complexity and elegance has carefully crafted all. The exceptional qualities of Bali
ć's wines is dependent on the winemaker’s selection from any given vintage and are only produced when conditions enable the finest fruits to be chosen.

Those who already enjoy Balić's wines have come to expect the unexpected from these premium quality wines. This is because these wines have become renowned for having a distinctive 'personality' of their own. Our current customers know we have a commitment to producing only unique wines of genuine ‘reserve’ quality, we create innovative wines unshaped by anyone’s vision but its own.

The end result is a range of limited edition wines that promise a wine drinking experience that is memorable for all the right reasons.

Give any of our wines a try and you too will become one of our regulars!